Our Story


Two years ago I started Anarkyzt because of a problem I'd been facing for a while. Although I loved the designs of many classic sneakers available in the market, I could never come around to actually buying a pair for one simple reason: there seemed to be so many other people wearing the exact same styles. I didn’t want anything flashy, but I wanted something unique. 


Growing up in a family with nearly 40 years of experience in the footwear industry, I set off on a journey to reinvent these timeless silhouettes. Instead of chasing the latest trends, our team strives to create pieces that will survive the seasons. How so? First, we prefer neutral and monochromatic tones, occasionally mixing in subtle accents of color. This gives you enough versatility to wear your Anarkyzt sneakers in jeans or in a suit. Second, we avoid cluttering our designs with visible branding, because we believe you don’t need a big logo to feel confident in what you wear. Ultimately, our minimalist aesthetic allows us to focus on materials. Drawing inspiration from sportswear technology, we’re obsessed with sourcing leathers and textiles that are light, durable, breathable and comfortable, ensuring you’ll never have to give up substance for style.


All Anarkyzt sneakers are sold direct to consumer, exclusively through our online shop. This means they won’t be found in any of the retailers in your area. Furthermore, by producing our shoes in limited quantities at a time, we’re able to keep our supply chain lean. These aren’t practices you’d expect to hear about in business school, but we’re not here to build an empire. We're simply passionate about designing classic footwear, while treating our customers the way we’d want to be treated ourselves.

No loud logos. No lofty mission statement. Just the ever enduring longing for originality.